Friday, 28 October 2016


Lectures for the readers.

Cali: Hello again! This time I'm going to talk about the different types of Thornlets. Thornlets are the different types of "people" in my village.

Cali: I am a shroom, that means that I have a huge mushroom cap on my head, but that's only one of the three types of thornlets.

Cali: My friend Karen is a thistle. Her thistle is purple, but the colour can vary for different thornlets.

Cali: Ryan, my . . um . . . friend is a fiddle head. When he is positive the green is spread around. When the green is clumped, then he is feeling negative.

Cali: And . . .


Cali: What was that for?

Karen: You know what that's for, your're boring the readers to death!
Cali: Ouch!

Cali: Sorry. Truce?

Karen: Alright truce.

Karen: After this.

Cali: Ouch!

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