Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween 2017 (it rhymes)!

Cali: This is our first Halloween! I'm so excited!
Karen: Yah . . . That's cool, but I think the fact that the comic anniversary is on the 28th of October is cooler.
Cali: Right! I forgot!
Karen: Classic Cali.

Ryan: The girls only let me have a tiny ax. They were worried that I might chop off my head if it was any bigger.

Aaron: Don't worry dude. You can still hack off someone's head with that . . . If that's any consolation.

Ryan: Well, uh well they can- oh! Oh.

Aaron: This may be a problem.

Eye roll

Cali and Karen: Boys
Ryan: How did you get that chocolate bar!? You're in a sleeping bag designed to look like a worm! You can't even move your arms or legs !

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  1. Halloween comic starring Plantatous! The Bronze Acorn takes Christmas if you're wondering. Not pictured: Brinen is a vampire.