Background Idea

If you want, you can comment a suggestion for a background, preferably a picture or a one page comic. I will make it and ink it and post it on the side of the blog. When I have made 5 backgrounds, then I will set up a poll so you guys can vote on which ones you like the most. The one that I chose will not be on the poll. The vote will close after a week, so make sure you do before the poll closes. The top one will be coloured in and my favourite will also be coloured in. The new coloured backgrounds will be posted on the side of the blog instead of the old ones. The person who suggested it's username will be put on it. You guys can then copy them if you want to use them as a background. Rules: please keep the requests child appropriate, no OCs, and when you use references to TV shows or games, I might not know them, so you might have to do a re-request (sorry). Feel free to mix and mingle characters from The Bronze Acorn, Plantatous, and Brothers. I'm hoping to see some suggestions!

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