So, obviously, I don't have a comic page this week . . . 
But the ell family blog has been set up! Yay! This blog contains, currently, cakes and gingerbread houses and hopefully more in the future! (For all of you who don't know I am a happy member of the Ell Family). The link will be in the 'some blogs you should check out with Amelia's blog (if you haven't seen that yet, then check it out!)
Just a little heads up, I'm going to do a poll next week. Previously these polls have really come without any notice and some people don't know where they are, so just to let you know, next week the poll will be right under the support me section on the left-hand side.
See you next week!

1 comment:

  1. Day 19 without Adelaide's awesome comics.
    => Food is scarce.
    => Entertainment is limited.
    Don't think I can survive much longer...